Portable Power

Engine-driven electric generators based on Revolution’s air core technology enable high efficiency, reduced fuel costs and extended run times. Our generators can be designed to meet customer product requirements for operating speed and power output. At a fraction of the size and weight of alternative technologies, Revolution’s generators are able to provide both energy and cost savings.

Industrial & Commercial

More than 50% of the world’s power is utilized for driving electric motors, with the majority of that power consumption for commercial and industrial uses. In applications that run near continuously, motor annual electricity consumption amounts to about five times the initial cost of the motor. Electric motors based on Revolution’s air core technology provide unmatched efficiency and reduced electric power consumption. Our motors can be designed to provide energy cost savings that rapidly recoup their purchase.

High Speed Machines

Power density of machines is directly related to operating speed. Higher speed operation enables devices to be made smaller and lighter.  Magnetically induced losses in electric machines increase with the operating frequency and are a critical issue for high speeds. Benefiting from a lack of a ferromagnetic stator and a high efficiency armature, Revolution’s air core technology is well suited for new high speed motors and generators.


Electrification of transportation enables increased efficiency and greater availability of energy sourcing.  Revolution’s motors and generators based on air core technology are designed to provide a new combination of efficiency, power density and customizable form factor to meet the requirements of different transportation applications.