Air Core

Based on new air core construction, Revolution’s electric motors and generators provide significant advantages over alternative technologies. Our motors and generators are designed to deliver high efficiency and power density over the full range of operating conditions. This high efficiency leads to reduced energy consumption and operating costs resulting in lifecycle cost savings. Revolution can develop an electric machine to fit your application needs, whether your products require a motor or generator and regardless of operating speed. Revolution’s unique technology is designed to offer a new level of efficiency and power density to provide OEMs expanded product opportunities.



Whenever an electric motor or generator passes a circumferentially varying magnetic field through its ferromagnetic stator, it creates magnetically induced losses. These losses limit the efficiency and performance. Revolution’s technology operates without a ferromagnetic stator, allowing electric machines to reach their fullest potential. Our motor and generator products are able to operate with independently-tested efficiencies as high as 99.3%. Revolution has developed several air core armature technologies for maximizing efficiency, proven in volume production.

Power Density

Electric motors and generators are constructed from materials that do one of three tasks: generate magnetic flux, conduct magnetic flux, or interact electrically with magnetic flux to provide torque. Power density of electric machines is increased by maximizing the amount of the first and last materials, while minimizing the amount the materials utilized for conducting the magnetic flux. Revolution’s motors and generators achieve superior power density compared to other electric machines by the lack of a ferromagnetic stator, which is used merely for magnetic flux conduction.


Revolution’s motors and generators are designed to be abuse tolerant while meeting the most demanding customer requirements for power, torque and operating temperature range. High efficiency operation produces lower heat generation for cooler operation with reduced cooling needs. Use of high temperature rated armature materials enables our products to deliver a wide operating temperature range. Revolution’s air core technology eliminates the magnetic attraction between rotor and stator, precluding internal-generated bearing loads. With minimized bearing loads, our products provide long bearing life.


Commercially popular variable frequency drives are made for sine wave based motors. Revolution’s technology produces electrical machines with pure sine waveforms, having total harmonic distortion of 1% or less. In particular generator applications, voltage regulation is a critical requirement. As a consequence of high efficiency, our products provide higher voltage regulation performance compared to alternative technologies.



The lower cost higher efficiency solution for more traditional applications and environments.  Electrical efficiencies attained of greater than 99.4% in independent motor testing laboratories.

Revolution Electric Motor Company, record electric motor efficiency


Axial gap configuration id designed for high speed high efficiency applications with flexible voltage and frequency capabilities.  Commercial applications have ranged from 300 rpm to over 30,000 rpm.  Rugged and with the ability to withstand the most punishing environments.


Efficiency Curves

The following represents our efficiency curves attained for both axial and radial topologies. (ex. 5HP 3,600rpm)