Our Team

We are a team dedicated to building the most efficient motor and generator designs in the world.  We design, build and test to meet the needs of the customer.  We utilize simple construction techniques and materials to achieve near perfect machines.

Our History

We have been building electric motors and generators since 2004.  Recycling miles of wire, tons of steel and thousands of pounds of magnets prototyping and refining our designs to get us to where we are today.  Our closed form solutions for rapid design and prototyping are the result of years of development.

Our performance modeling is typically within a tenth of 1% and some of our hyper efficient designs require specialized testing equipment because the efficiencies attained versus traditional NEMA premium efficiency motors.

We have accomplished a lot over the past 12 years and have reached the practical and theoretical limits of efficiency while taking into consideration cost and construction.

Contact Us

Find out if our technology is suited for your application in about 24 hours.  Start with contacting us via the form below and we will follow up with a call.