Revolution Electric Motor Company

Delivering the best air core electric motors to industrial and aerospace applications

Accelerating Clean Tech

Revolution Electric Motor Company has 8 patents and pending patents filed domestically and internationally covering both the motor and drive.

IE5 Efficiency & Beyond

At 95.5% in current development, it is up to 3% higher efficiency than the proposed IE5 standard.

5X Weight Reduction

80% reduction in weight over equivalent induction motors.

Material Savings

91% reduction in copper and 81% reduction in steel laminations over equivalent induction motors.

Standard Frame Size

We use a standard frame topology allowing for use in new and replacement market sales.

Near Zero Waste

Our patented smart manufacturing processes can virtually eliminate waste, saving money and the environment.

Custom Drive

We have developed and patented our high efficiency drive technology that operates at 1 MHz, for reduced size & cost.

The Hyperlite Series

Ultra Efficient 5 HP 3600 RPM Electric Motor

Higher Efficiency

94.5% full load

Lower Weight

18.9 lbs. (8.6 kg)

Less Cost

81% less material


We are motivated and dedicated to producing the best air core electric motors.

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