Next generation motor efficiency, today

IE 5 Efficiency

Tested to 94% motor efficiency and beyond in axial and radial topologies

5X reduction in motor weight

Our motors are light weight with our 5 hp, 3600 RPM tipping the scales at just 18 pounds

13X reduction in copper

Our design goals are to reduce costs in active materials at every turn.

5hp 3600rpm

94% motor efficiency

Tested to the highest standards. Our motors have achieved 94% to 98% efficiency in radial and axial topology. Our Patented technology is our passion, creating the most economical technology advantage.

Next generation drives

We are keenly aware of system efficiency and reliability. To maximize the combined efficiency, we have developed our own patented drives to power our motors. They are simple elegant solution in a world that overcomplicates things.

We are driven by values

Our days start early because we are passionate about what we do. We believe that true innovation comes at a price. We built our first motors almost 20 years ago and we continue to build upon our successes and failures, every day. We did not succeed overnight, but we build the most efficient electric motors in the world, period.

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